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Motorcycle accidents: Fatalities result from Illinois crash

Hit and run accidents are situations that take place more often than some drivers realize. Unfortunately, when drivers leave the scenes of car or motorcycle accidents, the situation becomes more complicated. Authorities must determine what caused the crash to take place and also locate all parties that were involved. When a hit and run driver is located, that individual will likely face criminal charges.

Motorcycle accidents: Man taken to hospital after Illinois crash

Vehicles turning in front of motorcycles account for a considerable number of motorcycle accidents. Because motorcycles are such small vehicles, they are often overlooked by drivers of larger ones. Unfortunately, no matter how motorcycle accidents occur, they often lead to serious injuries or fatalities. With such results, affected individuals may wish to seek compensation.

Motorcycle accidents: Head trauma leads to Illinois man's death

When a motorcycle and another vehicle collide, it is not unlikely for injuries to result. If an individual is seriously injured or dies in a motorcycle crash, legal action could be a wise step to take. Motorcycle accidents can lead to parties feeling as if they should be compensated for the losses and damages incurred. These feelings are often warranted, and filing a civil claim could assist in the pursuit of that compensation.

Motorcycle accidents: Crash claims life of Illinois resident

Some individuals may consider maintaining a proper following distance to be a key factor in avoiding accidents. When there is enough space left between vehicles, a driver may have more time to stop in the event that a vehicle in front suddenly applies the brakes or other similar situation takes place. However, some drivers do not keep enough space between their vehicles and others, and in some situations, fatal motorcycle accidents could be the outcome.

Motorcycle accidents: Driver sentenced for fatal Illinois crash

In many cases of fatal accidents, individuals who are considered responsible for the accident may face criminal charges. In such a situation, the families of individuals killed in a motorcycle accidents may not be able to pursue a civil case until the criminal case closes. However, if an individual is convicted of the charges leveled against them in relation to the accident, the family may find that verdict helpful if they choose to file their own claim.

Motorcycle accidents: Illinois pedestrian killed after being hit

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident that leads to injuries, many individuals may assume that the motorcycle operator was the one who was injured. However, if motorcycle accidents involve pedestrians, it is likely that those who are on foot are at risk of suffering the more serious injuries. Motorcycles are just as likely to inflict severe wounds on a pedestrian as other vehicles, and catastrophic results are not unheard of.

Hit-and-run crashes can complicate Illinois motorcycle accidents

When a driver involved in a crash leaves the scene of the accident, the investigation into the event can become more complicated for the authorities involved. Motorcycle accidents in which a driver flees the site can also increase in severity, as injured parties may not be able to receive the medical care they need as soon as if another driver had stayed and reported the accident. Luckily, in many cases such as this, authorities are able to locate the other driver involved.

Fatal motorcycle accident in Illinois claims 2 lives

Two people in central Illinois were killed recently after their motorcycle crashed on Interstate 55. A 35-year-old and a 48-year-old were on the vehicle as it approached some slowing traffic, which was the result of another crash. They collided with another vehicle and both riders were killed. The police are still investigating the motorcycle accident, but unfortunately it seems to be as simple as it sounds.

Woman killed in Illinois motorcycle accident

As spring slowly thaws out the snow from a winter that seemed especially harsh, motorcycle enthusiasts are brushing off their motorcycles and hitting the open road. While drivers in Illinois should always be vigilant, an increase in motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians on the roadways requires additional vigilance. Often, a motorcycle accident involving a traditional motor vehicle can have fatal consequences. Recently, a woman in Illinois was killed in such an accident.

Two people facing charges after fatal motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident can be especially dangerous because of the lack of protection for cyclists when hit by the steel frame of a car. In separate motor vehicle accidents, the actions of two Illinois drivers led to a fatal motorcycle accident. They both face charges for the incidents and, while warrants have been issued, it is not clear if they have yet been arrested.

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