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Truck accidents: Injuries result from Illinois collision

Injuries resulting from a vehicle accident can often prove burdensome for the injured parties. Truck accidents are often the causes of serious injuries as large vehicles can cause considerable damage. If an individual has been injured as a result of such a crash, that party could likely face medical costs, time away from work and ongoing pain. Luckily, there are options for seeking compensation for such damages.

Serious accidents: Driver killed on impact in Illinois crash

When a crash occurs at an intersection, it is important for authorities to determine who may have had the right of way. Once that is determined, investigators should be able to conclude who was at fault for the wreck. Serious accidents take place at intersections quite often, and it is important for investigations to be conducted in order for those accidents to be correctly handled.

Truck accidents: Multiple injuries result from Illinois collision

When a vehicle does not stop at a red light, there is a high chance that an accident will occur. Intersections can be difficult to safely maneuver, and if all drivers are not paying attention, truck accidents or other collisions could easily occur. These accidents can at times be difficult about which to draw conclusions, and investigations are exceedingly important in order to determine who may have been at fault.

Truck accidents: Driver killed when train hits truck in Illinois

Indicators at railroad crossings can play a pivotal role in ensuring that drivers are aware when a train is coming. In some areas, these crossings may not be guarded, which could prove dangerous for drivers. Though truck accidents involving trains are not as common as accidents with other vehicles, if a truck driver is crossing at an unguarded railroad intersection, such an accident could occur.

Truck accidents: Bicyclist injured after being struck in Illinois

Many individuals know that even the most skilled truck drivers could potentially be involved in a serious accident. These vehicles can be much more difficult to navigate than smaller automobiles, and without the proper training and license, the likelihood of truck accidents taking place could increase. In such a situation, individuals who are involved in such a wreck could become seriously injured and need medical attention.

Truck fails to navigate overpass, collides with it

You've probably driven down many roads in your life and noticed an overpass. Overpasses are such a common sight that they don't really warrant much attention -- but for trucks and truck drivers, they are critical parts of the road that require their full focus. If the truck driver approaches an overpass that is too short for his or her vehicle to get under, then a terrible accident can occur that affects people going under the overpass, and people traveling on the overpass.

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