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Man, woman killed in Illinois car accident

When accidents occur, police and other investigators may not be able to immediately discern how the accident took place. As a result, it is important that as much information as possible is gathered and examined before conclusions are drawn. However, it is also important, especially when there has been a fatality, that the driver considered at fault for a car accident is quickly determined.

Young people killed in Illinois car accident, others injured

A moment's distraction can be all it takes for a fatal accident to occur on the roadway. A driver may look down for a moment, be sleepy or have any number of other distractions that could contribute to not staying in his or her lane of travel. In cases where a vehicle drifts into another lane, a head-on car accident can result, and lives can be quickly ended.

Wrong way car accident kills driver, critically injuries others

A wrong-way driver was recently killed in a crash that he apparently caused in Illinois. The car accident occurred early in the morning. The 26-year-old  -- the vehicle's lone -- struck two vehicles when he drove his car in the wrong direction in the northbound lanes of a road in Chicago.

What you need to know after a hit-and-run car accident

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused after a car accident, especially if the other driver is not cooperative or the accident was a hit-and-run. Despite confusing circumstances, Illinois residents still have options for legal recourse. By understanding the proper steps to take after a car accident, it is still possible to secure the financial recovery that is deserved. 

Driver causes car accident with bus, injures 4 plus herself

People tend to base their decisions about their commute to and from work on several different factors. For some, driving a personal vehicle may be quicker or allow them a brief amount of quiet time before they walk into the hustle and bustle of the office. Others choose public transportation for financial or environmental reasons. Some may even perceive public transportation in Illinois to be less prone to accidents than passenger vehicles are to having a car accident. Unfortunately, this belief may not always be true.

Chain-reaction Illinois car accident results in fatality

When a vehicle breaks down on the roadway, it can become a hazard for other drivers. In many cases, drivers are able to notice the stopped vehicle and adjust their speed and course in order to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, some drivers may not be aware of the hazard or may not accommodate adequately enough to avoid a car accident. In such a situation, a fatality could potentially occur.

Speeding, negligence involved in fatal St. Louis wreck

A man who was just standing outside of the home of a friend was crushed and killed by an airborne -- and allegedly speeding -- vehicle. The wreck happened in St. Louis, and the people who live in the neighborhood wish that the city would put in speed bumps in the area. However, current laws forbid speed bumps in residential neighborhoods.

Head on crash over July 4th weekend kills 4 in Illinois

A tragic car accident claimed four lives and provided another unfortunate reminder about how dangerous the roads are on the Fourth of July weekend. The wreck occurred here in Illinois and it involved just two vehicles. They collided head first, killing four people and leaving another with injuries that were thankfully non-life threatening.

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