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Illinois family files wrongful death suit

Anytime a loved one is harmed by the negligence of another person, whether a little or a lot, the emotional distress can be severe. Compounding this suffering can be the financial burden placed on a family by the sudden loss of monetary support, especially in those circumstances where the family wage earner is killed. In such event, Illinois law provides for the right of surviving family members to pursue civil wrongful death claims based upon evidence of negligent or intentional actions that resulted in death. One Illinois family recently utilized that right.

Illinois family grieves the loss of hard-working father

An Illinois man tragically lost his life in the early-morning hours of April 30. Reports say the 54-year-old was driving to work when he was killed by an intoxicated wrong-way driver. The fatal accident forced the closure of a busy Illinois highway as police investigated the scene and responders cleared debris from the road.

Daughter sues police for fatal shooting of father in St. Louis

Every daughter deserves a lifetime of being daddy's little girl. Unfortunately, the 1-year-old daughter of a St. Louis man fatally shot and killed by police will never have that chance. Attorneys for the toddler recently filed a wrongful death suit in federal court against the accused police officer and the St. Louis Police Board.

Family pursues wrongful death claim against Maryville man

Readers in Edwardsville and the St. Louis area likely know how fragile life can be. One moment can seem so secure and filled with possibility, while the next is devastating. Too often, reckless or negligent behavior leads to catastrophe, altering lives forever, and the families of lost loved ones are left to pick up the pieces. These facts are painfully true for the family of a 38-year-old St. Louis woman who died tragically when she was hit by an intoxicated driver.

St. Louis industrial accident results in worker's death

Sadly, an employee of a sign-making company in St. Louis was killed on Jan. 10 after suffering work-related injuries. According to local news reports, members of the St. Louis Fire Department were called to the sign-making business at about 9:20 p.m., but the 47-year-old victim was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Car crash leads to biggest settlement awarded by Illinois court

A St. Clair County couple was recently awarded $700,000 in a case before the Illinois Court of Claims. The case dealt with the last claim related to an auto accident in which a state trooper was reportedly driving recklessly on Interstate 64, travelling at speeds of around 126 mph in November 2007. The car accident killed three teenagers and injured a married couple.The award in this claim was paid to the injured St. Clair County couple, putting the total paid out in the case at nearly $9 million. The family of the three teenage victims in the car accident was awarded $8 million in January 2011. That payment was the largest amount ever awarded by the Illinois court.

Collinsville man sentenced for causing fatal car accident

Every fatal car accident in St. Clair County is a tragedy. But every once in a while, a car accident occurs that is especially difficult to fathom from any perspective. As Illinois readers know, when an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she owes a reasonable degree of care to others in or near the roadway. However, when someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it becomes far more difficult to argue that due care and caution were exercised while driving, and when that failure occurs, too often it results in catastrophe.Last April, a 20-year-old Collinsville man caused a car accident in Fairview Heights that claimed the life of a 12-year-old victim and seriously injured the young girl's mother. The man, said by police to be under the influence of heroin at the time of the collision, lost control of his Jeep Grand Cherokee on Illinois 159 near Stonewolf Trail. His vehicle struck a northbound 2002 Ford Taurus. The young man has now pled guilty to aggravated driving under the influence. As a result of his plea on Dec. 6, the man will serve seven years in state prison.

Alton man's life taken in wood chipper accident

In a tragic case of workplace fatality, a 54-year-old Alton man was killed recently when he became entangled in a wood chipper. Exactly what caused the man to become trapped by the machine is not yet known. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is conducting a fatality investigation.

Illinois residents gather to remember 1951 mining disaster

Recently, Illinois residents gathered to share stories and artifacts relating to the Orient 2 mining disaster, which occurred 60 years ago in December and claimed the lives of 119 miners. The stories from relatives and survivors were heart-wrenching both because of the severity of the disaster, which occurred as a result of a shaft explosion, and the heroism of rescue workers, who reportedly returned time and again to search for brother miners trapped by the blast. Readers of this blog may be interested in comparing this workplace disaster with more recent workplace accidents, perhaps noting that negligence and failure on the part of inspectors is something that still causes serious injuries and wrongful death.

Man sentenced for tragic DUI fatality

As readers of this blog likely know, a death that results from another's reckless behavior can cause immense frustration and grief for the family of the deceased. In such cases, families often file a wrongful death civil suit to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering. Southern Illinois residents who are considering filing a similar claim may be interested in a recent local case involving a car accident that resulted in a tragic death.

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