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Car accident leaves multiple people injured in Illinois

When a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she will likely not be able to maintain proper control of their vehicle. A recent car accident took place in Illinois that involved an impaired driver who failed to remain in the correct lane. This failure resulted in the car colliding with a pickup truck that was traveling the opposite direction.

Illinois car accident involves wrong-way driver, causes injuries

A recent crash in Illinois resulted in serious injuries for the drivers involved. It was reported that the car accident took place when a driver was traveling the wrong direction on a roadway and collided with a second vehicle. The driver of the first car was headed south in the northbound lanes at approximately 4 p.m. when the collision took place. 

Car accident injures 3, kills woman in Illinois

When a fatal accident takes place, determining what caused the crash is an important task. Authorities are likely still investigating a recent car accident that took place in Illinois that involved a disabled truck and two other vehicles. Reports stated that the big rig had been parked on the side of the Interstate over night after breaking down. A compact car traveled onto the shoulder where the truck was stopped and crashed into the back of it.

Car accident injures several individuals at Illinois church

A recent accident in Illinois left multiple people suffering from injuries. It was reported that the car accident took place when a 72-year-old driver lost control of her vehicle and traveled into the front of a church. There was apparently a food drive taking place at the church when the incident occurred, and multiple individuals were standing in line when the car hit the church. 

Car accident leads to Illinois pedestrian's death

Car accidents involving pedestrians can often lead to harrowing outcomes. A pedestrian may be seriously or fatally injured, and the family of the victim may be left looking for ways to deal with the situation. In the event of such a fatal car accident, filing a wrongful death claim could be an option for affected family members to consider. 

Illinois car accident claims life of passenger

Areas where multiple roads intersect are often the scenes of serious accidents. When a car accident takes place at an intersection, authorities will likely have to determine who had the right-of-way and who may have been at fault for the incident. This information could play a role in any civil claims that could potentially arise from such an event.

Illinois car accident involves parade spectators

When areas hold special events to celebrate holidays or other occasions, there may be cause for roadways to be closed and pedestrians to be on or near the streets. Unfortunately, during these events, a car accident could take place that leaves many individuals suffering from injuries. If a vehicle crashes into a crowd, the likelihood of multiple individuals being injured increases.

Illinois car accident claims multiple lives

All too often, vehicles end up in dangerous situations that can injure the individuals inside. Drivers and passengers could easily become seriously or fatally injured if they are involved in a crash, and these injuries could occur under a variety of circumstances. If a car accident only involves one vehicle, there is still a considerable risk that the occupants of that vehicle could be gravely affected.

Wrongful death claim could stem from fatal Illinois car accident

When individuals lose control of their vehicles, there is a considerable chance that an accident will occur. Such a car accident may only involve the single vehicle, or other vehicles may also be involved, depending on the circumstances of the event. In either case, drivers and/or passengers could suffer life-threatening injuries, and some parties may not survive. 

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