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Wrongful death case could arise after fatal Illinois crash

When traveling the roadways, drivers are often maneuvering in and out of the paths of the other vehicles. These actions may take place at intersections or other places where drivers may attempt to make a turn. Unfortunately, not all maneuvers are carried out successfully, and accidents on the roadways are common. Many of these accidents can result in fatalities, which could lead to potential civil cases regarding wrongful death.

Driver causes car accident with bus, injures 4 plus herself

People tend to base their decisions about their commute to and from work on several different factors. For some, driving a personal vehicle may be quicker or allow them a brief amount of quiet time before they walk into the hustle and bustle of the office. Others choose public transportation for financial or environmental reasons. Some may even perceive public transportation in Illinois to be less prone to accidents than passenger vehicles are to having a car accident. Unfortunately, this belief may not always be true.

Chain-reaction Illinois car accident results in fatality

When a vehicle breaks down on the roadway, it can become a hazard for other drivers. In many cases, drivers are able to notice the stopped vehicle and adjust their speed and course in order to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, some drivers may not be aware of the hazard or may not accommodate adequately enough to avoid a car accident. In such a situation, a fatality could potentially occur.

Monetary losses could further burden accident victims' families

Many individuals know that a situation that may seem under control can quickly take a turn for the worst. For example, if a driver is traveling at a high rate of speed, he or she may believe that the car can be kept under control. Unfortunately, fatal accidents often result from drivers losing control due to excessive speed. Families of victims involved in such accidents are frequently left facing emotional and monetary losses.

Illinois accident leads to death, possible wrongful death claim

The causes of a serious accident may not always be known immediately after the situation takes place. Authorities associated with the incident may need to conduct a long-term investigation in order to ensure that they understand to the best of their ability what factors may have played a role in a fatal accident. Such an investigation could potentially lead to charges, and a fatal event could cause a victim's family to consider a wrongful death claim.

Life-threatening injuries stem from Illinois car accident

Many individuals may believe that young drivers are more likely to be involved in a serious accident due to their lack of experience. Because they are so young, many new drivers use vehicles that are owned by their parents, which could lead to the parents potentially being held liable for a car accident in which their children may have been involved. As a result, individuals who may have been seriously injured due to a car accident with a minor may wish to explore their legal options and the best paths for their possible case.

Family of Illinois accident victim may consider wrongful death

During holiday weekends, police departments typically increase their enforcement in hopes of lessening the likelihood of an accident taking place. This past Labor Day weekend was no exception, and police forces across the country had more individuals on patrol looking for violations. Unfortunately, even with added officers on the job, a fatal accident could still occur and a wrongful death case could result.

Car accident leads to death of Illinois pedestrian

When individuals walk to their destinations, they can face numerous hazards and dangers from other travelers. Typically, utilizing a crosswalk can help reduce the risk of an accident, but crosswalks are not guarantees that a pedestrian will not be involved in a car accident. If a person is operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, pedestrians could become even more at risk of being seriously injured.

Illinois car accident leaves 3 with serious injuries

There are hundreds of millions of drivers across the country. For the most part, the vast majority of drivers make it from place to place without a major incident. Sometimes, a driver's reaction to a minor incident -- such as drifting slightly off the side of the road -- can lead to a car accident and serious injuries. Three people in Illinois are left recovering from their injuries after such an incident was believed to have happened.

Illinois car accident sends 3 people to the hospital

Drivers can take many precautions to maintain their safety and the safety of others. They can ensure there are no distractions in their car and follow all applicable laws and rules of the road. Unfortunately, in some instances, there is a little more than a strip of yellow paint in the center of the road protecting one driver from another. Just as in a recent car accident in Illinois, a car that crosses the center line can cause significant damage.

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