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Farm Equipment Accidents
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Injured In A Farm Equipment Accident?

Heavy farm equipment, tractors and implements are a crucial part of every rural community. Workers operate this type of machinery every day. While safety mechanisms are in place to prevent injury, accidents can happen, both to the workers and to those nearby. When accidents occur, there are legal options to pursue insurance benefits and compensation.

At Bonifield & Rosenstengel, P.C., our attorneys are knowledgeable in handling farm equipment accidents. We will investigate the cause of the accident and help victims understand what their legal options are in recovering benefits. Our lawyers will work with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you are provided the full amount of benefits needed to cover medical bills.

If you have been injured in an accident involving farming equipment, we are available to represent your interests. Call our personal injury attorneys in St. Clair County today at 1-(618)-277-7740. Free initial consultations are available, and we handle all farm equipment cases on a contingency fee basis.

Farm Equipment Accidents Lawyer Advocating For Injured Farm Workers

Farm workers run the risk of accidents every day they operate this kind of machinery. Most are aware of the risk and take proper precautions to avoid injury. Accidents still happen, though, and we will help you recover the benefits needed to cover medical treatment and time lost at work.

While these accidents may be covered under workers’ compensation, if you were on the job at the time, we will help you put together a successful workers’ compensation claim. Not every farm accident is covered under workers’ compensation, but there may be other claims available. If there were other parties at fault, other than your employer or other workers, we will help you pursue a third-party liability claim.

Farm Equipment Accident Attorney — Farm Equipment And Car Accidents

Farming equipment must often be moved between fields. During harvest season, particularly, there is a high volume of tractors and implements on the roads. These machines are required to have proper reflectors, lights, and signage. When they fail to do so or the machinery malfunctions, accidents involving other drivers can occur.

We will investigate the car accident caused by the farming equipment, explaining all legal options to you to pursue maximum damages.

Defective Farm Equipment

Some farming equipment is unsafe due to improper design or manufacturing by the company that produced and supplied it. Our attorneys will investigate to determine if greater care should have been taken by the equipment manufacturer to protect your safety.