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Paraplegia and Quadriplegia
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A spinal cord injury that results in paraplegia or quadriplegia is among the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. Partial paralysis or complete paralysis leaves the victim in a state in which he or she is unable to be the person he or she was before.

Whether you have been injured in a car crash, fall, bike accident, during surgery, motorcycle collision, or from a product defect the personal devastation still is the same.

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Helping To Improve Your Life After A Devastating Spinal Cord Injury

We understand that it is more important to regain the things the injury took from you than any money for damages could ever give. But we also know that the injuries of paralysis are often permanent and entail ongoing complications.

That is why our team has been helping those who have been injured with paraplegia and quadriplegia in receiving the emotional, medical and financial support to which they are entitled.

We have been fighting for the rights of those suffering from paralysis and have been helping them improve their lives by getting settlements that consider cost of:

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