Helping You With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

The aftermath of a work injury can be overwhelming. While you are struggling to recover from your injury and make ends meet, workers’ compensation insurance companies will often find ways to delay processing your claim. They will often deny benefits that you need to cover medical bills and time lost at work. It is important that you have skilled representation on your side.

At Bonifield & Rosenstengel, P.C., we have more than 35 years of legal experience securing financial support for clients with work-related injuries and disabilities. From our office in Belleville, Illinois, we help injured workers throughout central and southern Illinois, as well as the St. Louis, Missouri, area.

We represent a diverse range of clients affected by accidents in workplaces, including offices, industrial factories, construction sites and medical facilities. Our attorneys can help you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits or resolve any issues that have arisen with an ongoing claim. We have helped many injured people and their families secure the compensation they need to return to their normal lives.

We have extensive experience handling all types of workplace accidents and injuries, including:

  • Barge injuries and accidents under the Jones Act
  • Highway construction accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Railroad injuries and accidents under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA)

Protecting Your Rights After A Workplace Injury

Sometimes, your employer may try to intimidate you into not filing a workers’ comp claim, or your employer may try to force you to return to work before you are physically ready. We can put employers on notice and let them know they are financially and legally liable for retaliatory acts directed toward employees who are exercising their legal rights.

In addition, workers’ compensation insurance may attempt to deny your claim on a technicality or for lack of medical documentation. It is not uncommon for people to simply give up after a denied claim.

Our lawyers will assist you in pursuing your rights after a claim is denied. With your health on the line, we are committed to helping you recover the workers’ compensation benefits you need to cover medical treatment and make the fullest recovery possible. We can also help you explore any other disability benefits available to you.

Visit our workers’ compensation FAQ for answers to some common questions about work injury claims in Illinois.

Don’t Wait. Call For A Free Consultation.

If you have been injured while working, you need to adhere to time-sensitive legal requirements or you could jeopardize your chances of obtaining compensation for these injuries.

For experienced help with the confusing workers’ compensation process, contact us for a free initial consultation at our office in St. Clair County. You may call 618-215-2412 or 866-223-2525 toll free to speak with a member of our firm and start protecting your rights.